• Green Facilities Handbook
    Green Facilities Handbook: Simple & Profitable Strategies for Managers
    Contributing Author: Leland Walmsley, Chapter 7 – Sustainable Development & Green Landscaping
    Author: Eric A. Woodroof – Ph.D., CEM,CRM
    ISBN: 978-1-4200-8490-0
    Pub: Fairmont Press; 1st edition (December, 2008)

    Illustrates how easily businesses can prosper TREMENDOUSLY by being industry leaders in accelerating a new “green” economy. Meeting a need in the marketplace for information on how to operate a sustainable facility and reduce carbon emissions, the Green Facilities Handbook clearly explains why green business is good business and delineates practical strategies to green your operations in energy and management. The book explores issues in the greening of a facility, including landscape maintenance, water reduction, janitorial considerations, fuel choices for fleets, and recycling. Additional information is provided on carbon reduction terminology, monitoring and reporting, and carbon trading as well as offset strategies. Special bonus chapters include valuable information on financing and procedures for “green” marketing.

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  • Ashes to Opportunities
    From Ashes to Opportunity: Preparing for “Fire Season” – Structure Protection and Drought Tolerant, Native, Fire Resistant Strategies
    Contributing Author: Leland Walmsley, Chapter 4 – Fire-Resistant and Drought-Tolerant Landscapes
    Pub: Community Enviromental Council, June 2009 Report

    The many wildfires in Southern California of recent years have destroyed numerous residential properties and out buildings and have damaged valuable native habitat for years to come, possibly even altering some local eco-systems forever. Not only have the financial costs associated with these fires been high, the emotional trauma and the sense of loss to homeowners who have been affected by these fires is immeasurable. This report outlines sustainable building design techniques and materials for building structures and the landscape for new and existing residential properties located within wildland-urban interface zones. The objective of these fire protection techniques and methods is to not only protect structures from catching on fire, they are also intended to keep a structural fire from spreading to surrounding wildlands.

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  • Leland Walmsley, together with other high profile professionals and the Creeks Division, helped write these guidelines that are the official policies for the City of Santa Barbara in dealing with stormwater runoff issues to better protect our water-ways from pollution. In June 2008, the Creeks Division produced the Storm Water BMP (Best Management Practices) Guidance Manual, which directs residents and the design community how to comply with stormwater regulations by designing development and redevelopment projects with permanent storm water BMP designs.
  • A Pattern Language
    A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction
    Author: Christopher Alexander (+others)
    ISBN: 0-19-501919-9
    Pub: Oxford University Press, New York

    This book is believed by many to be the most important book on design published in this country for any kind of building and in any part of the built environment – indoors or out. The point is that in successfully designing our environments (and even the tools we use), we must acknowledge, trust and rely on certain timeless patterns that are so deeply rooted in our collective nature for comfort, function, scale, and movement. These are so universal and elemental that they are too important to be ignored in any type of design. Design patterns must be related to each other in order to form a pattern language and be organized so that they make intuitive sense. Each pattern should indicate its relationship to other patterns and to the language as a whole to create a natural balance and harmony. A must for anyone designing anything.

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  • The Lorax
    The Lorax
    Author: Dr. Seuss
    ISBN: 978-9650706005
    Pub: Random House Books for Young Readers

    It chronicles the plight of the natural environment and the Lorax, who speaks for the trees against greed in industrialized society. It has become a popular metaphor for those concerned about the environment.

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  • Cradle to Cradle
    Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things
    Authors: William McDonough (celebrated architect), Michael Braungart (chemist)
    ISBN: 0-86547-587-3
    Pub: North Point Press, 2002

    This ground-breaking book challenges the belief that human industry must damage the natural world. Why not take nature itself as our model for making things? In nature, “waste equals food”. Guided by this principle, the authors explain how products can be designed from the outset so that, after their useful lives, they will provide “nourishment” for something new. “Biological nutrients” will reenter the water and soil without depositing synthetic toxins. Or they can be “technical nutrients” that will continually circulate as pure and valuable materials within closed-loop industrial cycles in totally non-polluting ways.

    The book is dedicated to “our families, and to all of the children of all species for all time.”

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  • Neighbor Law
    Neighbor Law: Fences, Trees, Boundaries, & Noise
    Author: Attorney Cara Jordan
    ISBN: 0-8337-650-1
    Pub: Nolo Press

    What if a dead oak dangles over your property line? Or runoff from next door keeps soaking your lawn? Don’t let a mild nuisance turn into a nasty lawsuit. Discover what your rights and responsibilities are with this comprehensive book. In plain English, find out how to handle: water issues such as runoff and flooding, trees that hang over a property line, problems with neighboring businesses, noisy neighbors, unclear boundary lines, blocked views, high or unsightly “spite” fences, dangerously deteriorating fences, dangers to children, and more. This book shows you how to: research laws and regulations, resolve disputes out of court, go to small claims court.

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