Rincon Estate

Carpinteria, California
"We take pride in exceeding our clients' expectations!" Leland Walmsley
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Rincon Estate - Carpinteria, California

Rincon Estate

Carpinteria, California
"We take pride in exceeding our clients' expectations!" Leland Walmsley

This couple loves to entertain and host local fundraisers. They had plenty of room on their 7 acre estate to create a party zone that instantly transports everyone to a space reminiscent of their favorite vacation spots in Fiji and Tahiti.

The “Tiki House” is an open, airy outdoor room overlooking a lagoon-like heated pool bordered by palms and other lush tropicals.

The pool is warmed to the perfect temperature by an energy-efficient, reverse radiant heat pump that circulates beneath the driveway to collect solar heat.

The 7 species of palms and banana trees, clumping bamboo, ferns, and flowering ginger, are the foundation for evoking that tropical feel.

South African exotics on the periphery blend this area with the other garden spaces adjacent on their property.

Eye catching and exotic proteas provide vivid colors and elegant visual interest. Fern displays along walkways create a friendly “jungle-like” feel.

Subtropicals look lush but need little water, making due with summer fog.

The overall experience is that of a luxurious, private island resort right in the heart of Santa Barbara!

Sustainability Highlights
  • Tiki House restored using on-site eucalyptus that were removed due to their inherent dangers with limb shear and extreme flammability
  • Permeable gravel driveway and paths allow for water percolation that recharges water tables and nourishes the native oaks and specimen trees in and around the property
  • The motor court incorporates an under-layment for heating pool water with the sun's free energy rather than an expensive gas system
  • Use of on-site stone for walls and curbing. (No landfill.)
  • Use of recycled brick for garden folly (Materials saved from going to landfill.)
  • Use of lush-looking Australian and South African plants: low water, disease and pest resistant, low maintenance
  • Irrigation with well water (better than chlorinated city water) for healthier plants
  • Liberal use of mulch for weed control, retains soil moisture, reduces maintenance costs, and naturally revitalizes the soil as it breaks down over time.
  • Local vendors, contractors and craftsmen employed
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