Coast Village Road

Montecito, California
"We were delighted to work with clients who understand that, when done right, "sustainable", "beautiful" and "cost effective" all go hand in hand." Leland Walmsley
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Coast Village Road - Montecito, California

Coast Village Road

Montecito, California
"We were delighted to work with clients who understand that, when done right, "sustainable", "beautiful" and "cost effective" all go hand in hand." Leland Walmsley

An investment firm in Montecito consulted us in the development of their office building and its surrounding landscape to meet LEED standards, embracing the group effort for Coast Village Road to be carbon neutral by 2020.

Over time, this LEED project will cost no more than if conventional methods were used, yet it will significantly reduce landfill waste, lower operating costs, conserve energy and water, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, create a healthier and safer work environment for employees and clients, and increase property value. Esthetically and functionally, it is a real “green” jewel. Everybody wins!

When striving for LEED certification, the entire project, including its landscape, is considered.

For this project, cutting-edge water efficiency (inside and out), connectivity to public transportation, improved stormwater quality, and using the most appropriate plants and materials all contributed toward solid LEED credits.

Now, it is a great place to work with open views, beautiful local flora in the landscape attractive to people and fauna and overall, beautifying the neighborhood.

Sustainability Highlights
  • This project is the 1st commercial building with a LEED Platinum rating in Santa Barbara County and the 2nd building in Santa Barbara County to earn LEED Platinum, making it one of most energy efficient buildings in the state.
  • This voluntary effort demonstrates a serious commitment to the local and global community through environmental stewardship and social responsibility.
  • Water efficiency -- Native plants & no supplemental water, also less maintenance
  • Removal of fire-prone plant hazards
  • A light carbon footprint means a cleaner, more efficient environment.
  • Happier & healthier employees means less absenteeism, less employee turn-over, and greater worker productivity
  • More energy efficient transportation for commuting employees – i.e., Bike to work & shower -- Safe bike parking and on-site shower. Near public transportation.
  • No need for harmful chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, etc.
  • Removal of exotic (non-native) invasive plants
  • Existing Irrigation was PVC and in disrepair. PVC is not recyclable and is a top 5 carcinogen, so it was completely replaced.
  • Mitigate development of existing parking and building: Clean stormwater with biological filter before leaving site
  • Create biodiversity with native plants to provide food for migratory birds and local wildlife
  • Liberal use of mulch for weed control, retains soil moisture to reduce the drying effect of the sundowner winds, reduces maintenance costs, and revitalizes the soil as it breaks down.
  • Mediterranean plant palette known for erosion control properties
  • Pruned tree branches re-used on-site as mulch
  • Materials & Resources sourced locally - i.e.,Plants from local nurseries, etc.
  • Use of non-PVC irrigation pipe that is 100% recycled and recyclable plastic
  • Installed drip irrigation for precise watering
  • Energy & Atmosphere: Reduced electrical consumption, Reduced carbon footprint
  • Low-energy LED Safety lighting “Warm” LED low wattage lighting uses 1/10 the energy of traditional lighting & compliant with “Dark Skies Initiative” (re: light pollution)
  • ADA compliant
  • Local vendors, contractors and craftsmen employed
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