Design For ... Sustainability

"Sustainability" is utilizing our world's resources to meet our needs today without compromising the needs of future generations.

And "sustainable design" does not have to cost more; in many cases, we are actually able to drop the standard construction costs well below expectations, while reducing your operation and maintenance costs over the long term.

Part of the beauty, your legacy, and success of your garden depends on working in concert with nature and her processes. That's why "sustainability" is the invisible backbone of all our inspirations. It is invisible to the naked eye and seamlessly blends into the functioning of your garden and how it relates to the local ecosystems – all-the-while meeting your design objectives. We pride ourselves in standing apart from other designers and Landscape Architects in the ways we create magical gardens; for us and our clients to be most satisfied and successful, stewardship is a key element. With everGREEN, no matter your design style, "sustainable" and "green" design is built in. Simply put, it's about using the right plants with the best technologies (ancient as well as cutting-edge) along with artistic flair – blending science and art together.

Not only are we are constantly learning about the latest in design principles and trends, but also the latest and most cost effective technologies to save on our precious resources we all share. With our skills and know how, it's easy for our clients to be responsible global citizens without sacrificing the dream for an outstanding garden worthy of publication in any high-end magazine. We promise, with everGREEN your new garden paradise will be resource saving and absolutely stunning.

Other Considerations...

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