Design For ... Hydrology

More than just how water flows and conservation, hydrology can be a complex area, yet it is very important not to ignore when creating a garden design. Improper drainage can damage your home and property and can cost tens of thousands (and much more) to repair and remedy.

We have the technical training to recognize the potential hazards and to ensure that your investment, your health, and your peace-of-mind is best protected. Our expertise in properly employing grading, drainage, bioswales, rain catchments, appropriate plants, etc. can be critical in avoiding mold issues, structural damage, soil erosion, mosquitos and west nile virus, and so much more that is not even on the radar of most of our clients; that’s why we are the professionals you hire to be your best advocate and advisor.

Also, as our global water crisis continues, California is not immune. We are all charged to use this precious resource wisely. We take this responsibility seriously and acknowledge this in our designs for our clients. We know how to create lush and verdant landscapes that one would never guess are also water-wise.

Other Considerations...

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