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Privacy Fantasy
Ojai, California
"Our design moves amplify the beauty of this amazing property, while remaining sensitive and respectful to the existing elements." Leland Walmsley


This premier property in Ojai already had an inherent magic to it – the abundant wildlife, majestic oak woodland, mountain views, seasonal creek, etc. Our client wanted to honor that magic and accentuate it.

We used local stone, low water use companion plants for the oaks, brought in a number of large specimen native oaks and olives, and worked around large existing site features such as boulders and established trees.

We created a sweeping entry to the guest house, a private vegetable, herb, and rose garden with a substantial “floating” door at the entry, and an intimate outdoor transition room between the guest house and garden highlighting a glamorous fireplace with a French limestone mantle and travertine floor tiles. (On cool nights, guests can pull the sumptuous floor-to ceiling drapery closed for even more warmth and intimacy.)

The grand finale is a formal dipping pool with a raised spa and an antique French limestone fountain further defined by locally harvested stone, providing a seamless connection to the natural landscape.

Sustainability Highlights

  • Garden design respectful of current habitats, land forms and features.
  • Materials used address groundwater recharge, low maintenance, low water needs
  • Permeable decomposed granite paths allow for ground water recharge
  • Oak companion plants protect the longevity of these majestic specimens and are beautiful
  • Liberal use of mulch keeps weeds to a minimum, retains soil moisture and revitalizes the soil as it breaks down over time
  • Use of on-site stone for walls, counters, curbing, etc. (no landfill usage)
  • Fly ash wall rather than traditional cement, resulting in a 50% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Utilization of eco-friendly pest management for the safety of family, pets, wildlife, watersheds, and the land.
  • Organic Food-scaping for people and wildlife protects local ecosystems - no use of toxic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides
  • Food-scaping keeps food source local (i.e., no “2,000 mile” salad)
  • Dichondra grass around the dipping pond is lush, non-thirsty and “no mow” (saves on maintenance, water, no noise and no air pollution)
  • Local vendors, contractors and craftsmen employed