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Flower Grower's Eden
Carpinteria, California
"As one of the foremost flower growers on the central coast, our clients’ wish list included constant year-round color, reflecting the passion for their Dutch heritage and livelihood." Leland Walmsley


Built in the 1930’s and recently restored, this hilltop home and themed gardens sit on 7 acres with 360° views overlooking the Santa Barbara Channel Islands and the hills of Carpinteria valley.

Various statuary collected from around the world are highlighted in naturalistic “reveals” throughout gardens. These special souvenirs in and amongst the exotic plants with their year-round profusion of colors, remind our clients of their travel adventures. Reminiscing their voyages with friends and “touring pals” while strolling their property keeps those sweet memories alive.

Use of recycled brick to create a faux wall “ruin” provides a fitting backdrop for a Roman cherub statue. Elsewhere, a custom Santa Barbara sandstone fountain is the centerpiece of the rose garden with stunning mountain vistas beyond.

These gardens of varying themes are unified by a continuity of ground surface material – brick, sandstone and soft color-coordinated pebble paths (while allowing rains to recharge groundwater for the specimen trees).

The overall park-like design was inspired by the existing majestic tree groves of Pine, Eucalyptus and Palm.

Stunning displays of colorful blooms and varying foliage textures feature Australian, S. African, Asian and European plant cultivars, evoking the feel of a stylized botanic garden.

Sustainability Highlights

  • Recycled brick (original to site)
  • Supporting local artisans and their crafts (fountain)
  • Local vendors, contractors and craftsmen employed
  • Permeable paths recharge water tables and provide irrigation for specimen trees & native Oaks onsite
  • Exotic plants used are compatible with natives & eco-friendly to local habitat
  • Liberal use of mulch for weed control, retains soil moisture, reduces maintenance costs, and rejuevenates the soil as it breaks down over time
  • Deciduous trees on south side of house provide summer shade, reduces cooling costs.