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Habitat Restoration
Camarillo, California
"Our client’s goal was to restore the natural habitat around her home to a condition better than she found it while beautifying her surroundings." Leland Walmsley


Before our involvement on this 6-acre property, it was blighted and barren due to construction.

To revive the ecosystems and create visual appeal, seasonal runoff is directed to a series of cascading ponds that recharge groundwater, deeply watering newly planted Sycamores and natives, while halting the erosive forces that once plagued the site.

Garden plantings around this spacious 4-bedroom home feature Mediterranean, Australian and South African exotics for maximum visual impact.

Away from the house, exotics transition to compatible native plants, attracting and benefiting local wildlife (and neighboring property owners).

These tall sycamores now inspire perching owls and resting hawks to return.

We can almost hear Mother Nature whispering “Thank You” in the soft breezes as they trail down through the winding canyons on the horizon.

Sustainability Highlights

  • Restored wildlife habitat area with native plants
  • Retain stormwater and irrigation water on site to rain ponds; groundwater recharging
  • Habitat restoration
  • Natives and South African plants with little water needs
  • Greatly reduced lawn area replaced with “no-mow” grass translating to lower maintenance costs, no noise and air pollution
  • Fire resistant plants to address “defensible space” and “fire zone” concerns
  • Liberal use of mulch for weed control and retain soil moisture
  • No biologically harmful chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers.