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Rustic Mediterranean
San Francisco, California
"We love to blend ancient relics, modern technologies, and timeless design to bring new and soulful landscapes to life. " Leland Walmsley


Today’s gardens of Provençe are built on the layers of past civilizations.

In this French Countryside themed garden setting, we show how centuries old garden artifacts can be resurrected and restored to endure for centuries more to come.

The composition of this European “living-masterpiece” includes an olive grove set in drifts of blooming lavender, the mild calming fragrance, their delicate purple flowers wafting in the fresh air, intimate seating nooks, marble statuary and other relics of grand gardens past.

The “piece de resistance” includes a 200 year old carved stone sink, an antique limestone fountain, a misting water well, and a brick outdoor fireplace.

In the French countryside, it is not unusual for garden treasures to sit idle, dismantled and forgotten for years, even decades. One Frenchman’s castoff is your prized relic.

Vive the Life Provençal!

Sustainability Highlights

  • Decorative cisterns allows for rainwater capturing for future irrigation needs.
  • Mediterranean and South African plants with little water needs compliment native plantings
  • Green roof provides insulation, habitat, and helps absorbs rainwater on-site, reducing downstream flooding
  • No grass -- low maintenance, low water, no noisy and no air polluting mowing necessary
  • Reclaimed antique treasures, rare and one-of-a-kind pieces are rescued, revived and repurposed
  • Organic Food-scaping for people and wildlife protects local ecosystems - no use of toxic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides
  • Food-scaping keeps food source local (i.e., no “2,000 mile” salad)